Sunday, 1 January 2012

Feature: Album of the year result

I have to say that I'm quite pleased that I managed to bug almost fifty people into voting for an album of the year, especially considering that the selection which I presented them with was not exactly inclusive of everyone's taste, and of course, left out some of the interesting albums of the year, but alas, I can't listen to everthing. After a little over a fortnight of leaving it up for anyone who happened to be on the page to decide, a winner, by a margin of one vote, has come to be decided;

Albums which are a significant and genuine return to form are always marvellous to behold, and few I have heard have quite matched Iced Earth's Dystopia in this aspect. In many, many ways, the album seems to be worthy of such recognition. The band seem to have been rekindled and revitalised by a new frontman, and a seemingly regained quality of songwriting. The whole album has somewhat taken over my listening to an extent that few albums do, and judging by the way everyone voted in the poll, they agree.

Dystopia is the Heavy Metal Spotlight album of the year.