Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Thankyou

Once again, I feel I must thank one of the artists I have reviewed - This time Adam Kalmbach, the man behind the one-man experimental black-metal project Jute Gyte. I reviewed Jute Gyte's latest album, "Verstiegenheit" not long ago. The review was found, and, consequently, I've been sent Jute Gyte's three black-metal albums, which was extremely generous! My thanks go to Kalmbach, and I wish Jute Gyte success, and recommend it to anyone who likes some heavy-as-heck black metal with an experimental twist.

Incidentally, despite the profusion of tumbleweeds of late, I plan to get plenty of reviews done in the near future, as soon as I'm finished with the exams which have been slowing my output.