Wednesday, 26 January 2011

#013 White Wizzard - Over the Top

White Wizzard are an extremely young band, but you wouldn't know that from their sound. A Traditional-metal vibe is what they blatantly aim for, and it is definitely what they have achieved in their debut full-length album "Over the Top"

There may be the occasional burst of double kick drumming, and they definitely maintain a slightly heavier sound than the bands they emulate, but it's beyond doubt that White Wizzard are one of the most "Oldschool" sounding bands I've heard which weren't around at the time the style was pioneered. The band cites many of the NWOBHM bands as influences, two of the ones I noticed most being Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, and, frankly, what better influences to have?

Most of the songs on this record are of a traditional length, shortish, generally between four and five minutes, with the exception of "Iron Goddess of Vengeance" and "White Wizzard" the self-titled album closer, which is longer and in places slower than most of the other songs, which are short, fast, technical, and fairly simply arranged, in other words, Traditional-metal staples.

I found myself enjoying the musical styles of this album greatly, and I am willing to wager most who are into "Good ole' fashioned" Metal will be. The musicianship is excellent, with rock solid drumming, and the extremely talented bass-work of John Leon, which works in harmony with skilled, although not mind-blowing, guitarists, to create a very lucid and tight sound.

However, I found this album's vocals to be less pleasing, and to seem less fitting with White Wizzard's style than the work on their earlier EP "High Speed GTO". Another issue is originality; although it is obvious that the band aspire towards a very traditional sound, It would have been nice if they had put their own twist on it a little. What they have created is definitely pleasing, and deserving of success, but it is also somewhat generic.

Despite this, it is an excellent album, and I don't hesitate to give it 7/10

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