Tuesday, 28 December 2010

#006 Chris Poland - Return to Metalopolis

Chris Poland has been around the block a few times. From being in Megadeth, to his jazz-fusion project "Ohm" His Unique guitar style has been part of many an album, in many a style.

"Return to Metalopolis" was one of Chris's Solo albums after his departure from Megadeth. It is supposedly a jazz-fusion album, although it's heaviness makes me want to Describe it as pure "Jazz-metal", and, in my opinion, this album is exactly what Jazz metal should sound like.

The Jazz/Metal combination which was evident in early Megadeth, is even more evident in this album, In tracks such as "Club Ded" Which combine smooth, mellowing jazz styles with metals speed, creating an oddly mellowing, but also heavy tune.

Poland's excellent solos are present throughout the album, with blistering, smooth and well executes solos in almost every song. This album is infinitely listenable, as it is heavy enough for most, but not too heavy, to the point where even non-metal listeners might greatly enjoy it in all it's underrated and little-known glory.

 My only criticism of the album (and chris poland in general) is that the guitar sound is very smooth... almost too smooth. In some instances, the soul he puts into his playing is not very apparent. Also, the album is entirely instrumental, so, naturally, I don't reccomend it for people who like plenty of lyrics.

I give it 7/10, what you give it is entirely up to you.

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