Wednesday, 22 December 2010

#003 Krystos - Walk Through the Inferno

Some bands take a while to catch your attention, with others, It's almost immediate. Krystos are certainly the latter. As yet unsigned (although I can't see why) Krystos have produced some of the best "Thrashiest" Power-Metal I have heard in a long time, with their self released debut on amazon in MP3 form, which I didn't hesitate to download. Now, I'm normally a CD's or nothing man, but I think it's a mark of the quality of the band that I felt that I simply had to download their music.

Imagine, If you will, Iced earth, the quintessential Thrash/Power-metal combination, and then add an extra helping of Thrashy. That is Krystos. Their sound has elements which can please Thrashers, Power metal lovers, and even those who like traditional metal.

A concept album about Dante's inferno, "Walk through the inferno" is excellent from start to finish. With the deep and evocative vocals, combined with tight playing, songs such as "Crimson River" are catchy, heavy, and enjoyable belters to listen to, with the larger 5-7 minute songs broken up by shorter songs, including the Instrumental "Sails of Acheron"

I have few criticisms for this band, and I'm not sure if I'm biased in this, perhaps they simply play into all the things a love about metal, and it's just me, but perhaps, they are really the next big thing. Only time will tell.

My only criticism whatsoever is the similarity to Iced earth, and trust me, if you listen to iced earth, you'll notice it. however, the band has easily enough uniquenesses to make it worth while.

I give this band 10/10, as cliche a move as that is.


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